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Kill The Game Launch of our new video games website !


« Damn I Kill The Game », we present you today our brand new video game website. In fact, it is more of a site that has the same vocation as Generation-Game, offering its readers tons of guides, tips and tricks, cheats codes to simplify access to each game.

The particularity of this site is that it is designed for an English-speaking audience! We know that many English-speaking people follow our guides through translation tools and we wanted to offer them their own version of Generation Game without necessarily having to go through translation tools. This is where our kill-the-game.com concept was born with the slogan « Damn I Kill The Game ».

Want to see the latest cheats for Kingdom Come Deliverance ? Tips on the new Zelda on Nintendo Switch? Are you English-speaking and don’t understand our FR articles ? Visit the English version now and enjoy thousands of guides, tips and tricks, cheat codes for your favorite video games.

Well, for the time being, the content is still weak, but it will grow over the next few weeks as Generation-Game has grown over the years. Our goal is to make it as popular as the French version which records thousands of views every day (thanks for your presence!).

→ You can access the Kill The Game website at this address : http://kill-the-game.com

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